Rogan art live on maa news interview with Ashish Kansara Madhapar bhuj kutch
Live talk with Rogan art Artist Ashish Kansara, on Maa News Live and GTPL, 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm Date 22/07/2024

Rogan Art - Resurgence of Rogan painting

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Suryakiran Aerobatic Team with Rogan art Kutch Team
SuryaKiran Aerobatic Team With Rogan Art Aritsts Team Bhuj

Kutch Rogan Art - Rogan painting artist Ashish Kansara and Komal Kansara from Madhapar, Bhuj, Kutch.

artist Ashish Kansara and Komal Kansara from kutch

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Very amazing experience.its is a very unique and mesmerizing art form.beautiful environment and I met there one of the most experienced person in my life .I recommend everyone to must visit that place if u love art.Shivangi Jairwan19 July 2024
One of the Best Rogan artists who I am visiting in all of them and they have Very deep knowledge of Rogan history so I have suggested for them whoever is interested in Rogan art must must must be Visit Mr Ashish KansaraAlpesh Asodariya9 March 2024
It was a lovely and great experience to know about Rogan art from Ashish sir and mam.They are so passionate and hardworking ,had so much patience to teach us Rogan art and shared his experiences .I would recommend everyone to visit there if u are interested in art,and knowing such an ancient culture is really a privilege.568.Namitha Rajendran3 March 2024
It was a lovely and great experience to know about Rogan art from Ashish sir.He is a very passionate and good hearted man ,spends his valuable time to teach Rogan art and also allow us to do the same.Namitha3 March 2024
I never realized this workmanship existed... I was learning it interestingly for my course in school... I realized this craftsmanship for 3 days....the last day went gaga for this art....the sir and the ma'am were so patient.... I would constantly proceed to meet sir and ma'am at whatever point they would be in my was an extraordinary and magnificent experience to realize this art.... thankyou sir for showing us so patient's....will consistently recall youMaitreyi Bohra9 February 2024

Ashish Kansara from Madhapar

Introducing the stunning Traditional Rogan painting, hand painted with love and care by renowned artist Ashish Kansara. This exquisite piece of art is a beautiful example of the intricate detailing that Rogan painting is known for. Originating from Gujarat, this traditional art form is a true representation of beauty and culture. Each product is crafted with the utmost care, making it a beautiful addition to any home. Explore the beauty of Madhapar through this gorgeous Rogan painting and bring a piece of tradition into your space.

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Gujarat is very famous for its art and craft. It was very famous a few decades ago ( about 60 to 70 years). Rogan craft and artisans are easily available all over Gujarat. LehengaSaree, Dupattas and blouse piece were made all over Gujarat. Rogan almost died after the machine printed. Nowadays, very few artists are left in Gujarat. Ashish shantilal kansara and we are trying to support the artisans for their livelihoods and to promote our great traditional RoganArt by Ashish Shantilal Kansara. So please support the traditional craft. Buy products if love art and craft.

The piece features a beautiful pattern that was produced by boiling castor oil for 7 to 8 hours and then adding Natural Color and a binding agent. The cloth has a dark base which allows the intense colors to stand out. The pattern is applied using metal blocks with patterns carved into them, In rogan painting, elaborate designs are produced freehand, by trailing thread-like strands of paint off of a wood stylus. Frequently, half of a design is painted, then the cloth is folded in half, transferring a mirror image to the other half of the fabric. After that it decorates with small dots and lines.

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